India Wells

Clean Water Wells in India

At Northwest Christian Church, we are providing clean water wells to villages in India! With your help, lives are being touched - both physically and spiritually.

So far, we have provided wells to the following villages. Click on each one to download reports about this amazing impact!
  1. Patan
  2. Bilansil
  3. Dhawadanr
  4. Jainanpur
  5. Sargard
  6. Kapasira
  7. Malgaon
  8. Mahuapathar
  9. Kathijurai
  10. Gundapan Dahphka
  11. Chugitiis
  12. Etapelli
  13. Devachak
  14. Chauki
  15. Tasgaon Shideshwar Colony 
  16. Borkhedi
  17. Gorahandi
  18. Chatabahal
  19. Rampur
  20. Saristabad
  21. Bhatpari
Water Scarcity
Did you know there is a clean water scarcity in India? We, in the US, simply turn on our faucets when we want water. But in many remote villages in India, children and adults alike must walk miles each day, just to collect enough water to survive. And sometimes... even that isn't enough. Disease runs rampant due to bacteria in dirty water. People are dying because of illness and dehydration. Water must be collected by hand during rainy seasons, just to be saved then used sparingly during the dry seasons. Children in these regions do not have the luxury of clean showers, cold tap water, or even bottled water. They are suffering on a daily basis.
That is why we help.
Giving is easy! Drop your spare change in the Clean Water Well collection box at church.
Every time you buy a bottle of pop for just $1 (in the church fellowship hall), that money goes towards another well, too!
Or, give online and simply choose "India Wells" as the fund! You can also write a check and put it in the offering plate on Sunday morning - just write "India Wells" on the memo line.